Random Walk Mobility Model

The source code below requires the addition of the following immediately after import silumod.language._:

virmanelNode value "name_of_your_host"
virtualization value "yes|no"
name value "name_of the_mobile_node"
mgmtIp value "IP_of_the_virtual_machine_dedicated_to_OpenVZ_management"
nodeIp value "IP_of_the_virtual_machine"

source code:




To run this mobility model, here are the instructions to be executed:

>erl -sname virmanel


On Windows system:

scala -classpath silumod.jar_directory\silumod.jar;OtpErlang_directory\OtpErlang.jar mobility_model_script.scala


On Linux system:

scala -classpath silumod.jar_directory/silumod.jar:OtpErlang_directory/OtpErlang.jar mobility_model_script.scala



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